Great show results all around the world! :)

December 15, 2018

Lots has happened again, we are very happy and proud!


10.11 Jyväskylä NORD, Finland

Judge Ashley Reid, Australia

BOB Nord CC Cragsmoor Good Fellow
BOS BOB veteran Nord CC Finnsky Jewel
BM3 Finnsky Ringstar
BM4 CC Finnsky Xfactor
BB2 Finnsky Starlet
BB4 CC Finnsky Xchange
EXC CQ (BB5) Ribessita MacGillivray
BOB breeder Kennel Finnsky shortlisted in semifinals


11.11 Jyväskylä CACIB, Finland

Judge Calin Margineanu, Romania

BOB CACIB Cragsmoor Good Fellow
BOS CACIB Jazenta Busy Being Beautiful For Finnsky
BM3 CC res CACIB Finnsky Xfactor
EXC2 Finnsky Ringstar
BB2 BOS veteran Finnsky Jewel
BB4 res CC Finnsky Xchange
EXC2 Finnsky Starlet
EXC3 Ribessita MacGillivray
BOB breeder kennel Finnsky















Same weekend the biggest terrier show in Sweden;

10.11 Södertälje, Sweden

Judge Katharina Round, France

BOB Puppy & BIS Puppy Finnsky Youngstermoe

BOB CC Finnsky Xtream






















Next show in December, 

9.12 Swedish winner, Stockholm

Judge Christophe Coppel, France

BOB CC NORD CAC Cragsmoor Good Fellow, new Swedish Champion

BOS NORD CC Finnsky Jewel 
BF2 CC res NORD CC Finnsky Xstream
BF3 Finnsky Nefertiti
Excellent 1 CQ res CC Finnsky Xspirit


"A very attractive of four dogs of very good types. Heads are gorgeous, bodres are very well constructed. In general with strong toplines, very good chests. The quality of the coats is wonderful and they move very well." 




























We also have a brand new Colombian champion

Finnsky Windwhisper

Congratulations Alejandro and Thor!







































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