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January 30, 2019

Team Finnsky finished 2018 with great results:


22.12. Vilnius Lithuania 
1 x CC CACIB BOB new Lithuanian Champion Cragsmoor Good Fellow
1× CC CACIB BOB Finnsky Xfactor
2x CC CACIB BOS Finnsky Xchange 



15.12 & 16.12 Helsinki Winner show & Finnish Winner show 
2 x BOB HeW-18 FIW-18 Cragsmoor Good Fellow
2 x BOS HeW-18 HeVW-18 FIW-18 FIVW-18 Finnsky Krystal
2 x BOB Breeder group
Judges Korozs A & Johansson K-E


Cragsmoor Good Fellow & Finnsky Krystal


2019 has started with the same high note!


12.1 Sweden, puppy show

BIG2 Finnsky YoungsterMoe


12.1 Kajaani INT 

Judge Robert Schill 
Finnsky Jewel
Bob Finnsky Jewel
BM2 Finnsky Steel
OPNC 2 EXC Finnsky X-factor
BB2 CC CACIB Finnsky Xchange
BB3 Finnsky Nefertiti
CHC 2 EXC Ultrafast



































20.1 Turku INT

judge Geoff Corish UK (9 skyes)
Congratulations to New Champions!
BOB & 4th in Terrier Group, group judge Svante Frisk SE
Cragsmoor Good Fellow
BOS CC Cacib FI CH Finnsky Xchange
BM2 CC res. Cacib FI CH Finnsky Xspirit
BM3 BOS VET Finnsky Othello
BM4 Finnsky Skyefall 
BF2 BOB VET Finnsky Olinda
BOB breeder group








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