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Happy, happy, happy!

What a weekend, again! <3

18.5 Rauma National show

Judge Malgorzata Jurek-Erenska, Poland

BOB, BIG3 Finnsky Starlet

BB2, BOB Veteran, BIS3 Veteran Finnsky Jewel

BB3 CAC, new FI Champion! Finnsky Xciting

BOS Finnsky Xspirit

BM2 Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BOB breeder Finnsky

Finnsky Starlet

Finnsky Starlet

Finnsky Xciting

Finnsky Xciting

Finnsky Jewel

Finnsky Jewel

19.5. Mynämäki National show

Judge Piotr Krol, Poland

BOB, BIG1 Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BOS, BOB Veteran Finnsky Jewel

BB2 Finnsky Xciting

Cragsmoor Good Fellow

Cragsmoor Good Fellow

Little Nemo, Finnsky Zephyr went to an unofficial match show to do a little show practice.

And how well he did, ending up to BIS4!

Finnsky Zephyr with his well -earned prizes :D

Finnsky Zephyr

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