What a weekend!

July 14, 2019

What a show weekend it's been! Finnsky has been represented in Finland, Sweden and Latvia.


13.7 Ogre national show, Latvia

Judge John R. Walsh, Ireland

BOB, CAC, BIG2, Latvian and Baltic champion 

Finnsky Xtempore


13.7 Piteå international show, Sweden

Judge Tino Pehar, Croatia

BOB, CACIB, new C.I.B* Finnsky Xsandra

BOS, CACIB Finnsky Xspirit

BB2, resCACIB, CAC, SE & Nordic champion Ribessita MacGillivray


Finnsky Xspirit & Finnsky Xsandra


13.7 Oulu Nord show, Finland

Judge Pirjo Hjelm, Finland

BOB, BOB Vet, Nord CAC, BIS3 veteran Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BOS, BOS Vet, Nord CAC, Cragsmoor Oh So Good

BB2, res Nord CAC, Finnsky Jewel

BB4 Finnsky Nefertiti

BM3 Finnsky Steel


Cragsmoor Good Fellow BIS3 veteran

 Brother and sister, Mick and Minnie, Cragsmoor Good Fellow & Cragsmoor Oh So Good



14.7 Ogre national show and Ogre terrier speciality, Latvia

Judge Tatyana Sverchkova, Ukraine (national show) & Jussi Liimatainen, Finland (terrier speciality)

BOB Finnsky Xtempore



14.7 Oulu international show, Finland

Judge Zlatko, Croatia

BOB, CACIB, BIG4 Finnsky Steel

BOS, CACIB, CAC, new FI Champion Finnsky Xsandra

BM2, BOB Veteran, BIS3 veteran Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BB3, resCACIB Finnsky Nefertiti

BOB & BIS2 breeder Finnsky

VET EX2 Finnsky Jewel

VET EX3 Cragsmoor Oh So Good


Finnsky Steel BIG4


Finnsky Xsandra


Cragsmoor Good Fellow BIS3 Veteran


BIS2 breeders group (Finnsky Jewel, Xsandra, Steel, Nefertiti)



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