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April results

Happy First of May! Hyvää Vappua!

One more indoor show to go in Tampere, then it's again back to lovely outdoors. Let's hope for a nice and warm summer! :)

Here are our super results from April 2019.

13.4.2019 Tallinn Winner show, Estonia

Judge Inessa Rodina, Russia

BOB VET, BF2, TlnVW-19, EE Vet CH Finnsky Krystal

BM3, CAC, EE CH Finnsky Xtempore

14.4.2019 Vaasa International Show, Finland

Judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland

BOB & BOB veteran Finnsky Jewel

BOS, CACIB Finnsky Xfactor

BF2, CC, CACIB Finnsky Xciting

BF3 resCACIB Black Cuillins Aurora

Finnsky Jewel & Finnsky Xfactor

F. Jewel & F. Xfactor

From left: Finnsky Jewel, Xciting, Xfactor, Black Cuillins Aurora

19.4.2019 Swedish Winner 2019, Sundsvall

Judge Cindy Pettersson, Sweden

BOB, Swedish Winner-19, Swedish Veteran Winner-19 Finnsky Jewel

BOS, CACIB, CAC, Swedish Winner -19, SE CH Finnsky Xfactor

BM2, Swedish Junior Winner -19, Finnsky Youngster Moe

BF3, res CACIB-> CACIB Finnsky Xstream

20.4.2019 Saimaa Easter Show, Imatra Finland

BOB, NORD CAC Ribessita Macgillivray

BOS, NORD CAC Finnsky Xspirit

BF2 Finnsky Starlet

Ribessita Macgillivray

Also results from Norway;

27.4 Sunndalsøra

Judge Marie Thorpe, Ireland

BOB, CAC Finnsky Yvonne

28.4 Sunndalsøra

Judge Svante Frisk, Sweden

BOB, CAC Finnsky Yvonne

And first results of May has arrived too!

1.5. Lahti group show, Finland

Judge Matti Luoso, Finland

BF2, CAC Finnsky Yasmin

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