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Splendid results, again :)

Team Finnsky has again done well in the show rings.

Firstly, three days in Roskilde, Denmark went super!

10.5.2019 NORD show

Judge Peter Fostad, Norge

BOB, CAC, NORD CAC, DK Champion Finnsky Thrilling

BOS, CAC, NORD CAC, DK Champion Finnsky Xchange

BM2, resCAC, resNORD CAC Finnsky Xtempore

BF2, resCAC, resNORD CAC Finnsky Xtream

BOB breeders Finnsky

Finnsky Thrilling

Finnsky Thrilling

11.5.2019 International show

Judge Ramune Kazlauskaite, Lithuania

BIG 2, CACIB, CAC DK Champion Finnsky Xtempore

BOS, CACIB, CAC, DK Champion Finnsky Xtream

BM2 resCACIB Finnsky Victorius

BM3 Finnsky Thrilling

BOB breeders Finnsky

Finnsky Xtempore

Finnsky Xtempore

Finnsky Xtream

Finnsky Xtream

12.5.2019 International show

Judge Siret Lepasaar, Estonia

BOB, CACIB, new C.I.B* Finnsky Xchange

BM2 CACIB Finnsky Thrilling

Finnsky Xchange

Finnsky Xchange

Meanwhile in Finland...

11.5 Pöytyä group show

Judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland

BOB & BIG2 Finnsky Xspirit

Finnsky Xspirit

11.5.2019 Royal Canin international show

Judge Kimmo Mustonen, Finland

BOB, BOB veteran Finnsky Krystal

BB3 CAC, resCACIB -> CACIB Finnsky Xciting

BOS, CACIB Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BM4 Finnsky Xfactor

What a weekend! <3

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