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Travelling around Europe :)

June has been a busy month, team Finnsky has been represented in many shows around Europe, meeting friends and enjoying hot summer weather.

And can't complain about the results, we are very happy!

9.6 Ladies kennel club charity show, Tuomarinkartano Finland

Judge Orietta Zilli, Italy

BOB Finnsky Stardust BM2 Finnsky Xfactor BOS BOB veteran Finnsky Olinda BB2 Finnsky Xciting

Finnsky breedergroup BIS 2

10.-12.7 Three CACIB shows Komarov, Hungary

Finnsky Olinda

10.6 Judge Tobor Havelka


Shortlisted in top 6 in BIS veteran 11.6 Judge Radvánszky Katalin


Shortlisted in top 6 in BIS veteran 12.6 Judge Erdõs László


Hungarian veteran champion

Satu and Finnsky Olinda

Finnsky Olinda with owner Satu <3

14.-16.6 The European Dog Show & The Austrian Winner Dog Show, Wels, Austria

14.6 EDS-19

Judge Hans Erhard Guttner, Germany

Res.Cacib CAC Cragsmoor Good Fellow Res.Cacib CAC Finnsky Whiterose EUVW-19 BOB VET Finnsky Olinda

Mia and Finnsky Olinda

Finnsky Olinda and owner Mia <3

15.6. Austrian winner -19

Judge Sonia Pagani, Italy

AUSTRIAN WINNER BOB CACIB CC Finnsky Whiterose, shortlisted to top 6 in high quality terrier group AUSTRIAN WINNER BOS CACIB CC Cragsmoor Good Fellow AUSTRIAN VETERAN WINNER, BOB VET Finnsky Olinda

Carina with Finnsky Whiterose, Cragsmoor Good Fellow and Finnsky Olinda

Finnsky Whiterose, Cragsmoor Good Fellow, Carina and Finnsky Olinda <3

16.6 Tampere group show, Finland

Judge Marja Salminen, Finland


Finnsky Krystal

BF2 Finnsky Xciting

BOS Finnsky Xspirit

Thea and Finnsky Krystal

Thea and Finnsky Krystal

16.6 Vännäs national show, Sweden

Judge Carl Gunnar Staffberg, Sweden

BOB, BOB VET, BIS 2 Veterann Finnsky Jewel

BB2, CAC, SE, Nordic Champion Black Cuillins Aurora

Marita and Black Cuillins Aurora

21.-23.6 Vejen, Denmark

21.6. Nord show

Judge Benny Bildh Von Schedvin, Denmark

BOB, CAC, NORD CAC, DK CH & NORD CH Finnsky Xfactor BOS NORD.CC Finnsky Xsandra BOB Veteran, BF2 vet CAC & res Nord CAC Cragsmoor Oh So Good BOB Baby - Finnsky Zephyr

Carina and Finnsky Xfactor, Gunn Anita with Finnsky Xsandra

22.6 International show

Judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

BOB BOB Vet, vet CAC Cragsmoor Oh So Good

BOS CACIB Finnsky Xfactor BOB Baby Puppy Finnsky Zephyr

Finnsky Xfactor, Finnsky Zephyr, Cragsmoor Oh So Good

23.6 International show

Judge Dagmar Klein, Romania

BOB BOB Vet, Vet CAC, DK Vet CH, BIG2 Cragsmoor Oh So Good BOB Baby Puppy Finnsky Zephyr BM2 res CACIB -> Cacib Finnsky Xfactor BF2 CACIB Finnsky Xsandra

Carina and Cragsmoor Oh So Good

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