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Results :)

Time for the next results of the summer. And again, we can be very happy! <3

29.6 Saint Petersburg Int, Russia

Judge Dorota Witkowska, Poland

BOB, CAC, CACIB Finnsky Xspirit -> New RU CH & C.I.B*!

29.6 Trondheim Int, Norway

Judge Lisbeth Campbell, Norway

BOS, CACIB, Crufts qualified, Finnsky Xsandra

30.6.2019 Saint Petersburg Int, Russia

Judge Antonio Mracevic, Montenegro

BOB, CAC, CACIB Finnsky Xspirit

30.6 Norsk Terrier klub, Trondelag, Norway

Judge Anne Tove Strande, Norway

BF3, CAC, BIS3 Junior Finnsky Yvonne

1.7 Karjaa all breed

Judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland

BOB, BOB VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BM2 Finnsky Stardust

BOS, CAC Finnsky Yasmin

6.7 Orivesi all breed

Judge Hilkka Salohalla, Finland

BOB, BOB VET Finnsky Krystal

BOS Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BF2 Finnsky Xciting

Cragsmoor Good Fellow, Finnsky Xciting, F. Krystal

7.7 Tuusula NORD

Judge Stuar Plane, UK

BOS, BOB VET, Nord CAC, BIS3 VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BM3 Finnsky Xfactor

BM4 Finnsky Talented

BF2 res NORD CAC Finnsky Xchange

BF4 Finnsky Yasmin

BOB breeder Finnsky

BIS 3 VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow

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