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TerriEri 2019, the Finnish terrier speciality

The biggest terrier show in Finland deserves its own post. Great day with great results!

10 Finnsky dogs and three Finnsky imports enterered, thank you all! <3

Detailed results can be found

24.8.2019 TerriEri 2019 group show, the Finnish terrier speciality

Judge Allan Stephenson, Great Britain

39 skyes entered

BOB Puppy BIS 4 Finnsky Zephyr

BOB BOB Vet Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BOS Vet BB2 Cragsmoor Oh So Good

BM2 Windspirit Candyman For Finnsky

BM3 Finnsky Xfactor

BB4 Finnsky Xchange

BOB Junior Res CAC Finnsky Yasmin

BIS 2 breeder

BIS 4 pair Cragsmoor Good Fellow and Cragsmoor Oh So Good

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