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2020, what a year?! All results from this exceptional year. :)

Who knew what 2020 will bring. We missed going to shows, but at the same time we have spent time with our dogs at home and enjoying more relaxed schedule. :) Luckily we had a couple of shows we could enter, here are the results. :)

International Dog Show 11.1.2020, Kajaani, Finland

Judge Marjo Nygård, Finland

BOB BOB Vet Finnsky Jewel

BOS Finnsky Steel

BM2 BOS Vet Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BM3 CC Finnsky Zephyr

BF2 Finnsky Nefertiti

BF3 Finnsky Ultrafast

BOB Breeders group

International Dog Show 25.1.2020, Turku, Finland

Judge Annukka Paloheimo-Segersven, Finland

BOB CACIB, NEW CIB! Finnsky Xfactor

BOB VET. BM2 Cragsmoor Good Fellow

Im February we were also invited to Champions of Champions & Veteran of Veterans Gala

Event for the most winning dogs in Finland.

Finnsky Jewel & Cragsmoor Good Fellow

Napoca Dog Show 22-23.2.2020, Romania

BOB, shortlisted in group, RO champion

Finnsky Steel

CRUFTS 2020, Birmingham, UK

Judge Martin Phillps, UK

BOB Veteran Finnsky Momentous

3rd open dog Cragsmoor Good Fellow

2nd open bitch Finnsky Temptation

In the picture

BOB puppy & BOB veteran

Son & Father

Partisky Precious Moment (owner Simon Whincup) & Finnsky Momentous

After Crufts more or less everything got cancelled until the summer. Couple of shows in the outdoor season in Finland and abroad.

June 2020, Expo perros, Exposición internacional de belleza.

BOB, BIG2 Finnsky Thor

Parnu International dog show, Parnu, Estonia 11.7.2020

Judge Juta Haranen, Estonia

BOB CACIB GROUP4 (picture below)

Finnsky Xtempore

Parnu International dog show, Parnu, Estonia 12.7.2020

Judge Peter Lauber, Switzerland

BOB Finnsky Xtempore

International Dog Show 1.8.2020, Pori

Judge Kari Järvinen, Finland


Dog show, Letohallen Norway 08.08.2020

Judge Marit Sunde, Norway

BOB, new NO & SE Champion

Finnsky Yvonne

Group Show 8.8.2020, Haapajärvi, Finland

Judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland

BOB, BOB VET Finnsky Jewel

BF2 Finnsky Nefertiti

BF2 Black Cuillins Aurora

Norway Winner, Nordic show, Lillehammer Norway, 15.8.2020

Judge Vesa Lehtonen, Finland

BOB, Nordic CAC Finnsky Xsandra

BF2 Finnsky Yvonne

Group Show 22.8.2020, Ylöjärvi, Finland

Judge Hilkka Salohalla, Finland

BM2 Finnsky Xtempore

International Dog Show 29.8.2020, Riihimäki, Finland

Judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

BOB BOB VETERAN Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BM2 CACIB Finnsky Xtempore

BOS CACIB (NEW C.I.B) Finnsky Xciting

BF2 CAC R-CACIB NEW FI CH Finnsky Yasmin

National Dog Show 12.9.2020, Porvoo, Finland

Judge Pirjo Hjelm, Finland

BOB, BOB VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BM2 Finnsky Xfactor

International Dog Show 12.9.2020, Helsinki, Finland

Judge Goran Gladic

BOB, CAC, CACIB Finnsky Zephyr

BM2, BOB VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow

Group Show 26.9.2020, Sastamala, Finland

Judge Juha Putkonen, Finland

BOB Finnsky Xspirit

Nordic Show 27.9.2020, Hyvinkää, Finland

Judge Paula Rekiranta

BOB, NORD CAC Finnsky Xtempore

BB2 Finnsky Yasmin

BB3 Finnsky Xciting

BM3 Finnsky Stardust

EX4 Finnsky Ungorgettable

BOB Breeder

In the picture Finnsky Xtempore

Great results from Bulgaria, October 2020

Finnsky Momentous

16.10.2020 BIS Veteran

17.10.2020 BOB Group3, BIS Veteran

18.10 BIS Veteran

Bulgarian Veteran Champion

Balkan Champion

Balkan Veteran Champion

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