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Finnish Terrier speciality, Terri-Eri 2021

What a beautiful day we had at the Finnish Terrier Speciality, Terri-Eri show 8.8.2021!

Skyes had the wonderful entry of 19 dogs.

Judge Markku Kipinä, Finland.

BOB, BOB VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BOS, BOS VET Cragsmoor Oh So Good

BM2 Finnsky Xfactor

BM3 Finnsky Xtempore

BM4 CAC Finnsky Armadale

BF2 Finnsky Vanilla

BOB and BIS4 Breeders group with a super critique; "Dogs from three different combinations. Excellent types and gorgeous examples of the breed. Solid type. Excellent top lines. Low ribcages. Good lines of heads and expressions. Represents international top class. Congratulations to the breeder and a successful future!"

Brother and sister Mick and Minnie

Mick (Cragsmoor Good Fellow) also went to Eukanuba Summer Show on 7.8.2021 with result BOB, BOB VET!

Judge Niksa Lemo, Croatia


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