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Terrier Speciality 2020

What a day! We enjoyed our day with our great time and got great results too!

TerriEri Specialty Show 6.9.2020, Vantaa, Finland

Breed judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

BEST IN SHOW 3 under judge Marja Talvitie

Finnsky Zephyr (19 months)

BEST IN SHOW VETERAN 4 under jugde Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

BOS, BOB VET Finnsky Jewel

BM2 Finnsky Xtempore

BM4 Finnsky Unforgetable

BB3 Finnsky Nefertiti

BB4 Finnsky Whiterose

BOB Breeder Finnsky

Finnsky breeders group got an amazing critique

"Of 3 combinations. Very balanced and homogenic group. Dogs with excellent dimensions on their body. Excellent strong toplines and typical skye terrier heads. The breeder has excellently worked out breed typical dogs with healthy anatomy. All of them behave immaculate. All shown in excellent muscle condition and well stylish coat. Top attainment in very challenging breed. My sincerely congratulations."


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