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This spark was kindled!

Our first Skye joined our family in 1970. Rolf’s sister,  Skye breeder, Solveig Soderholm had a litter that  looked promising. She wanted the whole litter at the puppy show. Our male Hallebergets Hep-Othon from that litter won.


This spark was  kindled !


At the end of the year, we next attended the Stockholm International show with our male Hallebergets Hep-Othon who had just became 8 months. We were in this long term.

 We than added another male Hällebergets Jocko-Moco. Both boys became International and Nordic Champions. A bitch named Hällebergets Dolly joined the family in 1974. She was given to our younger daughter Carina for her help in taking care of puppies and adults at  Hälleberget Kennel.


Later, we acquired Hjördis Westerholm from the breeding,  Dancer of Skyeline x Grace Shadow of Skyeline. Over the years we have also imported Skye Terriers from the US, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  The most important male to our breeding program has been Rannoch Skye Superstar. Of our own breeding Finnsky Glacier and Finnsky Tazzee have presented BIS-1 progeny.


Kennel Finnsky first litter was born in 1975. It was a combination of  Hallebergets Hep-Othon x Hällebergets Dolly. Under the Finnsky Kennel name there has been more than 40 litters.


Kennel Finnsky has been awarded the Finnish Kennel Club Vuolasvirta Award (No. 140) for distinguished work in breeding in 1986, and the Finnish Terrier Club Breeder plaque in 1990. The Finnish Dog Breeders Association. (SuKoKa) granted Breeder award to the kennel in 2001.

Finnsky Kennel was awarded Finnish Kennel Club Breeder of the year in 1992 and 2004.


In 1991, the Kennel came second in the competition for Breeder of The Year and in 1998, 2003 and 2005, they placed third.


Sadely Rolf Dahlbom passed away but daughter Carina Kitta continues since 2009 with the Finnsky Kennel.



 Rolf  "Offu" Dahlbom





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