February 24, 2020

Nord-show 7.9.2019, Helsinki (Let's Go 2019),  judge Christina Daniels SE (8 skyes)
BOB puppy Finnsky Zephyr
🏆BIS 3 VET BOB Nord CC BOB VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow
BM2 res Nord CC Finnsky Stardust
BF2 res Nord CC Finnsky Xchange
BF3 BOS vet Finnsky Olinda

Finnsky Zephyr

 Finnsky Stardust

 Finnsky Olinda

Porvoo national show 14.9, judge Knut Sigurd Wilberg, Norway
Super day, super...

September 20, 2019

The biggest terrier show in Finland deserves its own post. Great day with great results!

10 Finnsky dogs and three Finnsky imports enterered, thank you all! <3

Detailed results can be found


24.8.2019 TerriEri 2019 group show, the Finnish terrier speciality

Judge Allan Stephenson, Great Britain

39 skyes entered

BOB Puppy BIS 4 Fi...

September 20, 2019

3.8.2019 Kuopio international show

Judge Irina Azen, Belarus

BOB, BIG4, CACIB Cragsmoor Good Fellow
BOS CACIB Finnsky Xchange
BF3 BOB Vet Finnsky Jewel

3.8.2019 Maalahti group show

Judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland

BOB Finnsky Xspirit

BOS, BOB Veteran, BIS4 Veteran

Finnsky Jewel

10.8.2019 Raisio national show

Judge Marja Salminen, Finland

BOB Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BOS, BOB veteran Finns...

August 5, 2019

20.7.2019 Eskilstuna Nordic Terrier Show

Judge Sean Delmar, Ireland
BOB Finnsky Thrilling
BOS Finnsky Xstream

20.7.2019 Kemi National Show

Judge Vesa Lehtonen, Finland
BOB Finnsky Steel
BOS, BOB veteran Finnsky Jewel
BF2 Finnsky Nefertiti
BF3 Finnsky Ultrafast
BOB breeder Finnsky

21.7.19 Hyvinkää group show 
Judge Päivi Eerola, Finland

BOS, BOB veteran Finnsky Olinda

BM2 Finnsky Unforgetabl...

July 14, 2019

What a show weekend it's been! Finnsky has been represented in Finland, Sweden and Latvia.

13.7 Ogre national show, Latvia

Judge John R. Walsh, Ireland

BOB, CAC, BIG2, Latvian and Baltic champion 

Finnsky Xtempore

13.7 Piteå international show, Sweden

Judge Tino Pehar, Croatia

BOB, CACIB, new C.I.B* Finnsky Xsandra

BOS, CACIB Finnsky Xspirit

BB2, resCACIB, CAC, SE & Nordic champion Ribessita M...

July 9, 2019

Time for the next results of the summer. And again, we can be very happy! <3

29.6 Saint Petersburg Int, Russia

Judge Dorota Witkowska, Poland

BOB, CAC, CACIB Finnsky Xspirit -> New RU CH & C.I.B*!

29.6 Trondheim Int, Norway

Judge Lisbeth Campbell, Norway

BOS, CACIB, Crufts qualified, Finnsky Xsandra

30.6.2019 Saint Petersburg Int, Russia

Judge Antonio Mracevic, Montenegro

BOB, CAC, CACIB Finns...

June 23, 2019

June has been a busy month, team Finnsky has been represented in many shows around Europe, meeting friends and enjoying hot summer weather. 

And can't complain about the results, we are very happy!

9.6 Ladies kennel club charity show, Tuomarinkartano Finland

Judge Orietta Zilli, Italy

BOB Finnsky Stardust 
BM2 Finnsky Xfactor
BOS BOB veteran Finnsky Olinda 
BB2 Finnsky Xciting

Finnsky bree...

June 4, 2019

Let's start with the last results of May;

30.5 Kangasniemi all breed

Judge Rune Fagerström, Finland

BF2, BOB VET Finnsky Krystal

BF3 Finnsky Xciting 

BM2 Cragsmoor Good Fellow

First weekend of June it was time to travel to Tallinn, Estonia.

1.6 Estonian Winner -19, Tallinn, Estonia

Judge Marie Clair Walsh, Ireland

BOB baby puppy Finnsky Zephyr

BOS, CAC, CACIB, EE CH, Estonian Winner -19 Finnsky...

May 27, 2019

Wonderful results continue, this weekend a bit less Finnsky dogs were entered to shows, but still we got great results. :)

25.5 Hamina Nord show

Breed judge Kaisa Metteri-Gold, Finland

Group judge Kimmo Mustonen, Finland


Cragsmoor Good Fellow

25.5 Eura group show

judge Irina Poletaeva

BOB Finnsky Xspirit

26.5 Troms, Norway

Judge Vibeke Rordam, Denmark

BF2, CAC, resCACIB Ribessita Macgi...

May 20, 2019

What a weekend, again! <3

18.5 Rauma National show

Judge Malgorzata Jurek-Erenska, Poland

BOB, BIG3 Finnsky Starlet

BB2, BOB Veteran, BIS3 Veteran Finnsky Jewel

BB3 CAC, new FI Champion! Finnsky Xciting

BOS Finnsky Xspirit

BM2 Cragsmoor Good Fellow

BOB breeder Finnsky

Finnsky Starlet

Finnsky Xciting

 Finnsky Jewel

19.5. Mynämäki National show

Judge Piotr Krol, Poland

BOB, BIG1 Cragsmoor Good Fellow


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