Results September 2019

Nord-show 7.9.2019, Helsinki (Let's Go 2019), judge Christina Daniels SE (8 skyes) BOB puppy Finnsky Zephyr ūüŹÜBIS 3 VET BOB Nord CC BOB VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow BM2 res Nord CC Finnsky Stardust BF2 res Nord CC Finnsky Xchange BF3 BOS vet Finnsky Olinda Finnsky Zephyr Finnsky Stardust Finnsky Olinda Porvoo national show 14.9, judge Knut Sigurd Wilberg, Norway Super day, super results with great critiques! Best in show 2 breeders group Finnsky BOB Finnsky Xfactor BM3, BOS VET Cragsmoor Good Fellow BM4 Finnsky Xtempore BOS, BOB VET, shortlisted in veterans Finnsky Olinda BF3 Finnsky Krystal BF4 Ribessita MacGillivray 15.9.2019 Heavy rain all day, Muurame group Show, judge Stepha

Kennel Finnsky
Thea Dahlbom & Carina Kitti

+358(0)50 5446 796 / Thea
+358(0)500 404 255 / Carina

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