Last results from May

Wonderful results continue, this weekend a bit less Finnsky dogs were entered to shows, but still we got great results. :) 25.5 Hamina Nord show Breed judge Kaisa Metteri-Gold, Finland Group judge Kimmo Mustonen, Finland BOB, BIG4 Cragsmoor Good Fellow 25.5 Eura group show judge Irina Poletaeva BOB Finnsky Xspirit 26.5 Troms, Norway Judge Vibeke Rordam, Denmark BF2, CAC, resCACIB Ribessita Macgillivray

Happy, happy, happy!

What a weekend, again! <3 18.5 Rauma National show Judge Malgorzata Jurek-Erenska, Poland BOB, BIG3 Finnsky Starlet BB2, BOB Veteran, BIS3 Veteran Finnsky Jewel BB3 CAC, new FI Champion! Finnsky Xciting BOS Finnsky Xspirit BM2 Cragsmoor Good Fellow BOB breeder Finnsky Finnsky Starlet Finnsky Xciting Finnsky Jewel 19.5. Mynämäki National show Judge Piotr Krol, Poland BOB, BIG1 Cragsmoor Good Fellow BOS, BOB Veteran Finnsky Jewel BB2 Finnsky Xciting Cragsmoor Good Fellow Little Nemo, Finnsky Zephyr went to an unofficial match show to do a little show practice. And how well he did, ending up to BIS4! Finnsky Zephyr with his well -earned prizes :D

Splendid results, again :)

Team Finnsky has again done well in the show rings. Firstly, three days in Roskilde, Denmark went super! 10.5.2019 NORD show Judge Peter Fostad, Norge BOB, CAC, NORD CAC, DK Champion Finnsky Thrilling BOS, CAC, NORD CAC, DK Champion Finnsky Xchange BM2, resCAC, resNORD CAC Finnsky Xtempore BF2, resCAC, resNORD CAC Finnsky Xtream BOB breeders Finnsky Finnsky Thrilling 11.5.2019 International show Judge Ramune Kazlauskaite, Lithuania BIG 2, CACIB, CAC DK Champion Finnsky Xtempore BOS, CACIB, CAC, DK Champion Finnsky Xtream BM2 resCACIB Finnsky Victorius BM3 Finnsky Thrilling BOB breeders Finnsky Finnsky Xtempore Finnsky Xtream 12.5.2019 International show Judge Siret Lepasaar, Estonia BOB, CA

Mick #1 skye ❤

Multi CH & Multi Winner Cragsmoor Good Fellow - Mick #1 Skye terrier in Finland & #8 Terrier in Finland 2018 Mick was only showed for a half a year, but still had a flawless victory in the Skye terrier of the year competition in Finland. He made it also to the 8th place in the high level Terrier of the year competition. Mick also got invited to the Champion of Champions gala show (invitational show for the top 100 show dogs of the year). Mick arrived from USA in early summer 2018 and he is from Finnish bloodlines. People who meet Mick will remember his wagging tail and his lovely personality. He is always happy and we are delighted to have him with us! <3

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April results

Happy First of May! Hyvää Vappua! One more indoor show to go in Tampere, then it's again back to lovely outdoors. Let's hope for a nice and warm summer! :) Here are our super results from April 2019. 13.4.2019 Tallinn Winner show, Estonia Judge Inessa Rodina, Russia BOB VET, BF2, TlnVW-19, EE Vet CH Finnsky Krystal BM3, CAC, EE CH Finnsky Xtempore 14.4.2019 Vaasa International Show, Finland Judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland BOB & BOB veteran Finnsky Jewel BOS, CACIB Finnsky Xfactor BF2, CC, CACIB Finnsky Xciting BF3 resCACIB Black Cuillins Aurora Finnsky Jewel & Finnsky Xfactor From left: Finnsky Jewel, Xciting, Xfactor, Black Cuillins Aurora 19.4.2019 Swedish Winner 2019, Sundsvall Judge Cindy

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